Natacha Homerodean

by Natacha Homerodean

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Music and Lyrics All By Natacha Homerodean


released September 21, 2010



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Natacha Homerodean Edmonton, Alberta

Natacha Homerodean
Is a bilingual singer songwriter from edmonton Alberta.

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Track Name: Muted Voices
Muted Voices, I don't hear them anymore
I got your letter, can't say when 'll write back for sure
my feet are tired, my boots they weigh more than before
i'll have you know , it's been better but i'll still move forward

I see them talking , but i can't decipher a word
my wallet is crying , i'de buy you things but haven't you heard
the echoes are fading they move right beyond my ears
well you've been insightful , you've scared away all of my fears

meet me on the path , when the snow melts
take me to the end of the world , where we can watch the river flow
and when the trees begin to bloom , you can whisper me a tune

Well you've been tying my tongue in a thousand knots
well you've been tying a piece of string to my heart
carefully carrying it around so it won't get shot
carefully untangling my hair so it won't get caught

Muted Voices, I don't hear them anymore
I sent a letter , can't say if you'll get it for sure
My feet have lifted , the souls of my boots have worn
i'll have you know , it's getting better i got my foot out the door